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Jun 14, 2024

Sentiment: Sideways

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Industry: Uranium

Sector: Energy

Boss Energy Limited (ASX: BOE; OTCQX: BQSSF) is a significant player in the uranium mining sector, primarily focused on its Honeymoon Uranium Project in South Australia and a 30% interest in the Alta Mesa Uranium Project in Texas. Below is an updated and comprehensive analysis of the company’s current status, key developments, financial performance, and future outlook, complemented by a look at historical uranium price trends.

Company Overview

Boss Energy is strategically positioned to become a notable uranium producer with a diversified production base. The company’s two primary projects are:

  • Honeymoon Uranium Project (South Australia): Fully owned by Boss Energy, production is expected to ramp up to 2.45 million pounds (Mlbs) of U3O8 per year.
  • Alta Mesa Uranium Project (Texas, USA): Boss Energy holds a 30% interest, with the project expected to produce 1.5 Mlbs of U3O8 annually. The Completed acquisition of a 30% stake in the Alta Mesa ISR Uranium Project in South Texas. From enCore Energy Corp and its subsidiary, enCore Energy U.S. Corp.Transaction valued at US$60 million in cash. (Transaction announced on December 6, 2023). With Alta Mesa Uranium project, the company aims to expand uranium inventory and production capabilities, as well as diversifying production geographically alongside Honeymoon project.
Key Developments

Honeymoon Project Milestones:

  • June 2021: Completed acquisition of the remaining interest in the Honeymoon Uranium Project.
  • March 2022: Significant upgrade to the mineral resource at Honeymoon.
  • October 2023: Advanced stage of commissioning for the Honeymoon restart project.
  • April 2024: Commenced production at Honeymoon, ramping up towards full capacity.

Alta Mesa Project Initiatives:

  • February 2024: Acquired a 30% interest in the Alta Mesa Project for USD 60 million.
  • June 2024: Commenced production at Alta Mesa, aiming for a steady-state production rate of 1.5 Mlbs of uranium per year​​.

Strategic Moves and Market Positioning:

  • April 2022: Entered into strategic partnerships with global nuclear power companies.
  • August 2023: Received all necessary environmental and regulatory approvals for the Honeymoon project restart.

Latest Update (June 14, 2024):

  • Boss Energy announced the start of production at the Alta Mesa In-Situ Recovery (ISR) Central Processing Uranium Plant and Wellfields in South Texas, managed by enCore Energy Corp.
  • The company is now on track to achieve a combined production target of 3 Mlbs of uranium per annum, with operations ramping up at both Honeymoon and Alta Mesa projects, therefore, producing 3 million pounds of uranium annually at USD 80 per pound could generate revenue of USD 240 million per year.
  • This strategic expansion comes at a time of favourable market conditions, with increased global demand for uranium and recent legislative actions, such as the US ban on uranium imports from Russia, enhancing the market outlook​​.
Uranium Price Trends (2014-2024)

Understanding the historical context of uranium prices is crucial for assessing Boss Energy’s potential:

  • 2014-2016: Prices were low, averaging around $25-30 per pound, due to post-Fukushima oversupply.
  • 2017-2019: Gradual increase as demand for nuclear energy began to recover, with prices around $30-35 per pound.
  • 2020-2022: A significant upward trend emerged, with prices reaching $40-50 per pound.
  • 2023: Prices surged over $70 per pound due to geopolitical tensions, supply constraints, and stronger demand projections for nuclear energy​ (Barchart.com)​.

The following points provide an overview of the factors influencing the uranium market, including price movements, supply concerns, production levels, and the demand outlook. It’s important to keep in mind that the uranium market can be influenced by various factors, and it’s essential to monitor developments and trends to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics.

Financial Performance

Boss Energy has shown significant improvements in its financial position, primarily driven by:

  • Increased investments in project development.
  • Strategic acquisitions to bolster production capacity.
  • Expected revenue growth once the Honeymoon project becomes fully operational​​.
Investment Potential


  • Strategic Asset Ownership: Full control of the Honeymoon project and a significant stake in the Alta Mesa project.
  • Favourable Market Dynamics: Rising uranium prices and increasing demand for nuclear energy.
  • Experienced Leadership: A management team with a proven track record in advancing mining projects.


  • Market Volatility: Uranium prices can be highly volatile.
  • Regulatory Challenges: Mining projects require strict environmental and regulatory approvals which can impact project timelines and costs.
  • Recent Insider Transactions:
  • Director Sales: In the past year, Boss Energy insiders sold AU$26 million worth of shares. Notably, Duncan Craib’s recent sale was the largest insider transaction, conducted at AU$5.63 per share. While insider selling can raise concerns, it’s important to consider the context and the fact that sales were made at a price higher than the current trading value​ (Market Index)​​ (Simply Wall St)​.


Given Boss Energy’s recent initiatives and production forecasts, the outlook is optimistic, driven by the expected ramp-up in uranium production from the Honeymoon and Alta Mesa projects.

✅ Production Forecast:

  • Boss Energy aims to achieve a combined annual production target of 3 million pounds (MLBS) of uranium per annum from the Honeymoon and Alta Mesa projects.
  • Considering a ramp-up period of 4 years, this indicates gradual production increases over time.
  1. Uranium Price Assumption:
    • Assuming a uranium price of USD 80 per pound, which is above historical averages but aligns with recent market trends and forecasts amid increased global demand for clean energy sources.
  2. Market Opportunities and Risks:
    • Upside Potential: Strong uranium prices coupled with planned production increases position Boss Energy to capitalize on favorable market conditions.
    • Operational Risks: Challenges in production ramp-up, regulatory changes, and market volatility could impact profitability and cash flows.
  3. Financial Health Assessment:
    • Strengths: Solid profitability, robust asset base, and strategic investments in production infrastructure enhance financial stability.
    • Considerations: Monitoring of cash flow management amid ongoing development expenditures and market dynamics is crucial.

Technical Analysis

Over the past 12 months, holding Boss Energy’s stock would have resulted in a 35% increase, reflecting a period of positive performance. However, currently, the stock has retraced 29% from its recent peak. This retracement has formed a double bottom pattern on the chart, typically considered a bearish long-term signal in technical analysis. This setup suggests potential challenges ahead despite the recent positive movements.

  • Current Position: Boss Energy’s stock is trading at a technically discounted price.
  • Director Selling Impact: Recent director selling suggests potential further downside.
  • Moving Averages: Trading below key moving averages:
    • SMA250 at $4.39 (approximately -3.62% from current price of $4.23)
    • SMA40 at $4.55 (approximately +7.56% from current price of $4.23)
  • RSI Indicator: RSI has broken downwards, indicating bearish sentiment.
  • Production Commencement Impact: A small reversal was detected post production commencement announcement.
  • Support Level: The pink level represents a strong support range; buying near its lower boundary could offer potential upside.
  • Volume Consideration: Volume is relatively higher to the downside, which is less than ideal.

This format succinctly highlights the technical aspects of Boss Energy’s stock, emphasizing key indicators and recent developments that may impact its price movement.

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