We are going to teach you a very safe strategy, hard if you don’t know, but very simple if you know.
This strategy aims to help recovering losses from stocks that kept going down or positions that may haven’t use stop loss and don’t know what to do.

What you’ll get

This Express Training  is focuses on helping conservative traders or investors that want to capitalise from the stock market at lower than average risk, traders or investors that have lost money in the past, active traders that want to try something new and traders or investors that have kept their money trapped in positions that continue to go down and dont’ know what to do with it. 

who is this course for

Traders who lost money

Learn a relatively safe way to recover from losses.

Active Traders or Investors

Active traders or investors that want to try this new strategy. 

Investors with Money Trapped

Investors that have money in stocks that keep moving to the wrong direction, and you don’t know what to do.

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Our Chief Analyst

With a formidable acumen in inbound finance, sales, and marketing, Lecio Resmini (Les) has dedicated himself to empowering small and mid-scale entrepreneurs in optimising their sales and profits through his esteemed business mentoring program for B2B. Moreover, Les possesses an impressive track record in capital optimisation through astute investments across diverse asset classes, including equities, real estate, and his own business ventures.
Accumulating nearly two decades of expertise in business operations, investment strategies, and stock market trading, Les has honed his distinct approach, aptly referred to as the BGS 20 Strategy.
This methodology is the culmination of Les extensive experience in trading and investing, combined with his remarkable acuity in comprehending the macroeconomic forces influencing businesses and sectors. Furthermore, Les possesses an unrivaled aptitude for discerning the profound impact that key fundamental and technical metrics can exert on stock prices.

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