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Aug 6, 2021

Sector: Basic Materials

Piedmont Lithium is developing a world-class integrated lithium business in the United States, enabling the transition to a net zero world and the creation of a clean energy economy in America. The company’s is located in the renowned Carolina Tin Spodumene Belt of North Carolina, the cradle of the lithium industry, one of the world’s lowest cost producers of lithium hydroxide, and the most strategically located to serve the fast-growing US electric vehicle supply chain.

What makes Piedmont Lithium different? (information taken from the company’s website)

It really comes down to 5 simple things: purposepeopleplaceproduct, and process. (typical marketing statement so far)

  • A foundational purpose focused on empowering people, and working to preserve and protect our planet for future generations
  • The third largest and second richest spodumene ore deposit in the world, and the only one in the United States
  • The only fully integrated, hard rock, spodumene-to-lithium hydroxide operation in the United States
  • The lowest projected cost production profile of any integrated producer in the industry
  • Location and processing technology that will allow us to be the “greenest” spodumene-to-lithium hydroxide operation in the world
  • A highly strategic location in close proximity to customers, with nearby highway, rail and port access to decrease transportation costs, distances and our carbon footprint
  • A production process and a product, overwhelmingly preferred by the leading EV manufacturers
  • A product that is in high-demand, but in short-supply
  • Greater potential revenue per ton, and less waste per ton, given the marketability of our other products such as quartz, feldspar and mica
  • One of the strongest, most seasoned leadership teams in the industry

In the latest Press Release

Lithium Market Outlook


  1. Carolina Lithium
  • ???? The company has been having problems with the community and although in several situations the company end up succeeding we still see this result as a speculative outcome. (see the video). The positive outcome shall have very positive impact on SP which should spike at the ATH levels.

2. Sayona Quebec 39.6% as well as 30% of the Company

3. Guana Lithium


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