Our team have been trading small and mid size stocks, achieving 20 – 40% within 1 – 3 months and protecting our capital at minimum loss using our propriety BGS 20 Strategy.  Interested?







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BG TRADING offers a tried and tested trading strategy with a medium-to-long-term framework that has made our team achieve constant and consistent results in the stock market.

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New to the game and ready to develop your trading skills to start achieving results.
Tired of feeling lost and having to rely on other people’s advice to choose stocks to trade.
Somewhat experienced but struggling to make strong profit on a consistent basis.
Looking to have a set strategy to help you with emotional control and FOMO to stray strong when trading the stock market.
Excited to learn how to make better decisions and know when to enter and exit a trade for best results.

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Our Chief Analyst

With strong inbound sales and marketing experience, he has been focused on helping small entrepreneurs to maximize their sales and profit on their businesses thorough our businesses mentoring program at Background Coffee and coffee distribution B2B.
Lecio also has strong experience in maximising capital throughout investing in several different asset classes such as shares, property and his own businesses.

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